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Throughout the year, Capitalhockey will run individual/ single one and two hour organized "Pick-Up" style hockey games. 

These events will typically be announced through the CH network a couple of weeks before the scheduled game date. 

Note: Unlike our organized weekly adult rec hockey programs - the dates, times, locations and players fees will vary from game to game (please consult the game notes for each event as they are all unique).

Player's interested in joining an occasional CH "pick up" game must first be registered within the network. Want to receive notices about these games?

When a "Pick-Up" game is scheduled, a network broadcast will be sent by email to all registered CH members. Simply reply to those emails if you are interested in playing and a convener will contact you with more information.

For more information about CapitalHockey and our current programs, please contact us by email at:



To sign up for "Pick-Up" hockey please follow this link:

To sign up as a SPARE PLAYER for any CH program, please follow this link:


Join us on our Facebook page here:

OR/  View our program line up here:


Looking forward to seeing you on the ice!



Do you want to play CH Pick-Up Hockey? Contact us today.
Are you a registered player? If not, sign up now!

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