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NOTICE: PRIOR TO ENTERING THE RICHCRAFT SENSPLEX each participant must have previously filled out a COVID19 prescreening questionnaire (you will not be allowed into the building without this done prior to each game). Please follow this link to retrieve the questionnaire to submit back to the Sensplex:

For a full review of the Sensplex rules and regulations - please follow this link:,

* Masks are to be worn at all times. Only when you have your helmet on (and are ready to play) can your mask be removed.

* Practice social distancing at all times (keep a separation of 6 feet between people who are NOT from your original bubble). Do this in the hallways, dressing rooms and on the benches during the games.

* All players must enter through the main entrance, and exit via the side doors of the facility.

* Arrive no earlier than 20 minutes prior to puck drop. Exit the facility promptly after the game.

* All players must sign in when entering the facility (for contact tracing protocols).

* Dressing rooms are open. Practice social distancing/ wearing masks at all times.

* Shower facilities are NOT available.

Mandatory observances

* No contact

* No spitting

* Do not rush the goaltenders

* Do not share water bottles

Recommended practices
* No face offs

* Avoid clusters of players

* Keep your wet gear contained within your personal space (Don't spread it out on the floor and benches while changing)

IMPORTANT: If you or someone you've been around have come in contact with COVID19 within 14 days of playing in one of the Capitalhockey games - please advise us by emailing:

For more information about CapitalHockey and our current programs, please contact us by email at:


To sign up for a program or as a FULL TIME PLAYER, please follow this link:

To sign up as a SPARE PLAYER, please follow this link:

To sign up for A SPECIAL EVENT, please follow this link:

Join us on our Facebook page here:

OR/ View our program line up here:

Looking forward to seeing you on the ice!


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